Son of the Ripper!

"A truly fun read... perfect for a rainy afternoon... McCullough's prose keeps things clipping along at a merry pace." — Literary Kicks

A 2007 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year

A brutal murder has occurred in the hopelessly aristocratic town of Fenton, Massachusetts. Making matters worse, it falls on the twenty-first anniversary of another murder; one that was never solved, and which bred a shameful, unspoken legend - that it was committed by none other than Jack the Ripper, having moved to Fenton following his infamous London Spree. More afraid of the legend becoming public and hurting property values than of the killer living among them, the citizens endeavor to ignore the whole mess. Their sheriff, however, has grown disgusted by the town's absurd sense of decorum since returning from the grim realities of the First World War, and begins a very public investigation. But when the evidence suggests that the legend is less absurd than he thought, and as the killings continue, the Sheriff finds himself fighting to save the same town he set out to humiliate.