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With "Sgt. Billy Goat"

Scooters, puddles

Delegating 💪

Paging @tamu recruitment, class of '34

Quarantine angst


Pretty steep learning curve, but glad we powered through--it's fun, even though Averill made me be the Union... #tabletopgames #wargaming

Weekend outtakes


Sammy's first class web meeting.


Sharing a picture of my remote workspace since quarantine finally enabled me to clean it (mostly... Photo is strategically cropped...)

Frankenweenie for movie night

Got the bookshelves all painted. Not as transformative as I'd hoped, but it needed to be done!

On a scale of 8-10, what do we think of this stache?

Grateful to be in an area where we can get out, not to mention being able to do it at a historical site!

#socialdistancing or as we call it in Sullivan County, Tuesday.

Averill became a master of this thing, and Sammy can sort of recite the faux-Latin spell that brings Slappy to life in the Night of the Living Dummy. So he's not sweating it either.

Take-out cinnamon rolls from @thekitchentablecafe33 at the Farmers' Market.

Built this bookshelf like 9 years ago. Quarantine goals include finally finishing painting it.

Sammy prepares his checklist for tomorrow: ☐ Have breakfast at @peppinos_in_callicoon ☐ Play video games ☐ Give Daddy sugar ☐ Ride my scooter ☐ Have lunch at home ☐ Watch Toy Story ☐ Have dinner at home

Rolling 3 deep


Sick boy

Good Morning Sun beams will soon smile through Good Morning Good Morning to you and you and you and you

Sammy's Sunday best.

Averill asked what sorts of medals he'll get when he joins the @tamu Corps so I pulled out Dad's old box and dug through some of the treasures.