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Harses harses harses harses

Tractor Sam

Definitely one of those things that seemed more fun in theory than practice.

Averill's favorite birthday gift, Hessian cannon fodder for his Redcoats.

Averill's birthday haul included a #madeintexas cowboy hat from @langstons and a @tamu shirt.

Proud to be a great man's son and father to his grandsons on his 61st birthday. "Where it had dauntless stood was loneliness and void. But men who passed paid tribute – and said, 'To know this life was good, It left it’s mark on me. Its work stands fast'. And so it lives."

Horseback riding lessons.

What a delightful Battleship opponent. How droll and infuriating.

Sammy selfie en route to school.

Guess we'll hope that mommy doesn't mind her polyfil getting repurposed as musket smoke in defense of the South.

Averill's new war game is slanted impossibly in his favor and insufferable and I'd rather be watching TV. But here's a snapshot to make it seem charming and delightful so that you will envy me.

He's gone country

Averill's happy place.

Annual pilgrimage and Copenhagen offering.


Raise them in the ways of military history dorkiness and they shall never depart.

Silent Night


Cookie decorating at the library!

Am always entranced by the boys' beautiful WPA-era school.

Yarn addicted wives have pros and cons but one forgets the latter when it is chilly.

Have had a great and meaningful relationship with DANTE CLUB author Matthew Pearl for over 16 years, only he didn't know about it until a couple of months ago. Awesome to get to meet up with him and his @trulyadventure.us colleague Greg Nichols in my first outing to New York City in ages.


The front

Here we go again

Probably the last day of 2019 on the river.

A boy's best friend is his cheetah

Precious few markings in my grandfather's 1948 copy of the tome MASTERPIECES OF RELIGIOUS VERSE. It's always nice to catch what he felt moved to highlight.

Averill had a blast during his first time at our church's youth archery program.

"Sushi" from my local, rural northeastern grocery store? Ehhh... I'll pass... Hold the phone! Marked down to $1.49 because it's at or past expiration?? Let's get it on.

Obligatory first day of school pic. Kindergarten and 2nd Grade.

Au revoir et bon voyage, petites Christes.