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I knew of the song but didn't know it until Averill found a YouTube video of it in the midst of an ongoing Gettysburg obsession. I now hear it many times a day. Be careful what you wish for.

Now you are five, Sammy. You are insufferable and endearing. I know that whatever implications may accompany it when you are big, you will be able to say without hesitation that you are your father's son.

I've never been one for edibles, but Dad and his colleagues sure made weed-eating look cool! #wedontsmokemarijuanainmuskogee

Poaching roadside sumac for the missus' tea addiction

Always a fun time at #zanegreyday!

This piece of garbage got caught in the netting meant to keep trash like him from my blueberry bushes. He'll never know how lucky he is that the one thing I never eat is crow.


Sammy gone native on our last night in Georgetown with a bottle of @maineroot at the edge of both the pier and the continent.

Come and take it. So proud to live in the greatest nation on Earth.

Morning portrait of me by Averill

Charming vintage signs at Fort Popham.

Sammy loves noodles

Canoeing adventure with the boys proved much more of an adventure than I'd anticipated when we encountered a strong current. Managed to get on an island and guide the boat back into a calm patch between rapids and Averill did some serious paddling to help us get back upriver!

Lobster roll.

Zip line to cross the creek.

Lunch pit stop.

The McCulloughs take Maine!

Bit soupy this morning.

"Sammy at rest" 2019, K. Averill McCullough. Pencil study.

Moved by this letter my cousin @leighhb sent me, among other things, in which my grandfather describes living in the gloaming of my grandmother's death when my dad was 10. "Each night now at least one of them will pray 'help us to be what mommie wanted us to be.'"

Sammy graduated Pre-K.


Children's musket training.


Averill quite taken with this diorama

Ready for a day of fun activities at the annual Monmouth Battle Reenactment!

Happy first day of summer!


Library haul! Everyone loves @westernsullivan!

Minor surgery before school.

On Father's Day, proud to have such a larger than life dad that my son's primary ambition in life is to wear his grandfather's boots in the TAMU Corps of Cadets some day.

Come see me at the Callicoon FD Pancake Breakfast this morning (7am - 11am) before the Tractor Parade!